Child Custody

Child custody and visitation is key issues in any divorce or parental conflict where a child or children are involved. If you have concerns about child custody and visitation, which is called time-sharing in Florida, you need a lawyer who will listen.

I am attorney Mary Nardi, an experienced Orlando, Florida family law attorney and mediator. I listen to clients, spend the time necessary to understand the situation, and work hard to find solutions and resolutions that address your specific circumstances. If it is best to take your dispute to court, I am a vigorous and effective trial lawyer. I invite you to contact me to discuss what I can do to help you.

Helping With a Variety of Parenting Issues

I help clients throughout central Florida who are dealing with child custody and visitation issues at all stages.

  • If you are going through a divorce, child custody is a major issue that can often go more smoothly when everyone understands what the law is trying to accomplish. I have extensive experience addressing these issues effectively.
  • If you are seeking modification of an existing family court order, or if the other parent is seeking a change, I can counsel you with the goal of resolving any conflict you may have about the existing arrangement.
  • If the paternity of your child or someone who you believe to be your child has not been established, a paternity determination is an important step toward getting child custody and/or visitation.

Florida law uses the term "time-sharing" to refer to child custody and visitation. Generally, a time-sharing settlement or order will designate one parent the "primary residential parent." The secondary residential or non-residential parent will usually be given specific visitation rights and be required to pay some amount of child support.

I am sure you have many more questions about child custody and visitation law and how it applies to you. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation about your concerns.

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