Condo Fees & Dues

At Nardi & Nardi, P.A., our attorneys take great care to start every case by reviewing our client's entire debt load. We will not allow anything to be overlooked, because our goal is to develop a customized and long-lasting solution. It is easy to overlook condo fees and dues, but we will not allow that to happen. We do not want these debts to come back to haunt you.

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Orlando Foreclosure Attorneys

Condominiums are very unique pieces of real estate. While they are subject to foreclosure in the same way that a home is, there are also situations in which the condo owner may want to force a foreclosure. In either case, past-due condo fees and dues may remain after the property is relinquished. These do not simply disappear. However, they may be eligible for debt discharge in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Caution Is Necessary When Dealing With Condo Fees and Dues

While past-due condominium fees and dues may be dischargeable in bankruptcy, care must be used. If you do not start making payments immediately, you could run into problems. We have the experience and skill to answer your questions and guide you through this issue.

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