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Florida Credit Repair Companies

Taking steps to alleviate unmanageable debt may include creating a budget, getting a second job, or refinancing. In some cases, consumers will seek out credit repair companies to assist in restructuring debts. Before going to a credit repair company it is important to understand the potential risks that you may face. At Nardi & Nardi, P.A., we offer comprehensive legal services focused on consumer debt relief.

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Empty Promises of Some Credit Repair Companies

Most credit repair companies will offer credit counseling to restore your credit score, reduce your debt, and put you on the path towards financial independence. Many people are led to believe that a credit company can magically erase debt and correct a poor credit rating. Usually this is not the case, but there are reputable credit repair companies who can help you consolidate debt and, by default, help you reestablish credit.

Unfortunately, many of the promises made will remain unfulfilled and could result in a loss or cost you thousands of dollars. In many cases, disreputable credit repair companies do not have the authority or the ability to do what they advertise.

Take Appropriate Legal Action to Restore Credit and Protect Your Rights

If you are in financial distress, you need to take swift, efficient and competent action to address your debt crisis. You are probably in a financial situation where you cannot afford to lose more money by paying for services that are never performed At Nardi & Nardi, P.A., our attorneys offer experienced and strategic advocacy focused on the immediate and effective reduction of your debts through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a healthy and legal way to discharge your debts. If you are concerned about restoring your credit or losing credit after bankruptcy, remember that credit can be repaired after bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is an immediate solution that allows you to:

  • Prevent the foreclosure of your home
  • Restructure your debts
  • Eliminate all unsecured debts including credit cards and medical expenses
  • Protect your assets including retirement accounts, vehicles, and your home
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Stop wage garnishment, liens, or repossession
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Restore your credit overtime

We take a comprehensive approach to address your unmanageable debt. At the outset we assess your income, assets, and debts to strategize an appropriate solution for you and your family. In some cases, you may be able to resolve your debts without filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Our attorneys offer a fair, honest assessment and will provide you with options, including alternatives to bankruptcy.

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