Creditor Harassment & Collections

The Supreme Court in Taggart v. Lorenzen, 2019 WL 2331303 (June 3, 2019), sets out a standard for when a creditor is liable for civil contempt remedies for collecting on a debt discharged in bankruptcy. Such remedies can include payment to the consumer for actual damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees. If you have been harassed by creditors post bankruptcy call us you may be entitled to damages.

Orlando Creditor Harassment Lawyers

Are you tired of harassing phone calls from creditors? Do you not even want to open your mailbox anymore because you know it is going to be filled with letters from debt collectors? With the help of Nardi & Nardi, P.A., you can make creditor harassment stop.

Our debt relief attorneys have over 20 years of experience. We know the tactics that debt collectors use in the hopes of collecting what they are owed. More importantly, we know the tactics that can put a stop to the harassment, permanently.

Protect your rights, your family, and your future. Call now at (407) 478-0074 or contact us by email to stop creditor harassment and collections.

Orange County Attorneys Stopping Debt Collection Actions

Bankruptcy is a certain way to put a stop to creditor harassment and collections. When you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay takes effect that prevents creditors from taking further action against you. They will be required to stop calling and sending letters. If you are facing threats of foreclosure or repossession, those actions must stop as well.

But what if you are not quite ready to file bankruptcy? What if steps need to be taken before you can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? You still want the creditor harassment and collections to stop, and our Orlando creditor harassment attorneys can help. Steps can be taken to at least stop the harassing calls and letters. These steps include sending notice via certified mail. We will assist you with these steps as we educate you about your debt relief options.

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