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Have you seen advertisements for debt consolidation companies that claim they can fix your financial problems? Did you know that these companies have no power to stop foreclosure, repossession or creditor harassment? Did you know that these companies do not even have any legal grounds to make the claims that they do and quite often offer advice that does more damage than good? Are you aware that you can find a permanent solution by contacting the true debt relief and Orlando debt consolidation attorneys at Nardi & Nardi, P.A.?

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When Advice Does More Damage Than Good

Many debt consolidation companies actually work for credit card companies, but that is not even their biggest flaw. Their biggest flaw is that they do not take the time to review your unique situation and they do not offer guidance that is supported by law.

Our lawyers frequently hear about terrible advice given by these companies, often when it is too late to repair the damage. We hear about people who were encouraged to cash in their retirement accounts in order to pay off medical bills. We hear about people who were advised to walk away from their homes while paying off their credit card bills. These steps are nothing short of crazy. They jeopardize a person's future in the hopes of may be resolving current problems. Bankruptcy is designed to protect your financial future and resolve current problems.

Orange County Debt Repayment Attorneys

You have options. You can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, which involves a debt repayment plan. Chapter 13 allows some money to go to your creditors. When you pay a debt consolidation company, it tends to take its fees first. These companies have high fees. Let us review your options and help you determine the steps that are in your best interest.

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