Divorce by Mediation

As you may have heard, more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Litigating your divorce can be costly and time consuming. And once you leave your decision up to a Judge, you loose any control you may otherwise have to negotiate your own settlement. In the vast majority of cases, mediation offers you a better alternative to litigation. In fact, all Judges in Orange and Seminole counties require all divorce cases to attend at least one mediation session before it is scheduled for trial. This is mainly because the Courts realize that mediation is a far more efficient process and a better forum in which to resolve most divorce cases.

All family law issues, including equitable distribution, shared parental responsibility, disputes regarding children and custody, child support, visitation, and spousal support can be effectively resolved through mediation. And remember YOU, and not a Judge with limited information, will be in control over your divorce.

Mediation can occur at any time; even before either you or your spouse files a petition in Court. A complete agreement can be reached "pre-filing" and then filed along with an uncontested petition for dissolution of marriage. Mediation can also occur either with or without attorney's representing either party. A certified mediator is unable to offer either party legal advice, therefore, all parties are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney of their choice before mediation and/or prior to signing a mediation agreement. However, an experienced mediator may utilize their vast knowledge and experience, as well as provide necessary legal information to each party, with a focus and goal to facilitate productive discussion between parties in order to reach a complete agreement. Either a partial or complete agreement can be prepared during the course of mediation and then filed with the court.

Mediation is a confidential process, therefore, divorcing couples are free to discuss any and all issues that concern them and make any offers of settlement knowing that all communications conducted during mediation are to remain private. At the conclusion of mediation, the only information a mediator provides to the Court is that mediation was conducted and whether an agreement was reached. It may take more than one session of mediation to reach an agreement, however, once an agreement is reached, it is filed with the Court and considered your final agreement. The Court may then enter a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage incorporating the terms of your mediation agreement.

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