Divorce is always stressful, and it can be made more stressful if your lawyer will not listen to you and encourages unnecessary conflict. That is not the way we operate.

We work hard to understand our clients' concerns and help them resolve their divorce in as amicable a way as possible. We also provide vigorous representation in court on all contested matters.

Whether you need help with property division, child custody, child support or another aspect of divorce, contact us at our law office in Orlando. We represent clients in Orlando and throughout central Florida.

Understanding Your Concerns and Resolving Your Issues

Chances are, if you are coming to an attorney about your divorce, it is because there is at least one issue that you and your spouse are having trouble working out between yourselves. At our initial consultation, our focus is on understanding what you need help with specifically and why.

Because we also practice divorce and family mediation, we have experience helping clients develop creative, mutually agreeable solutions wherever possible. We believe in helping clients avoid unnecessary litigation.

We also know when additional help is needed, and we can bring in consultants such as accountants, mortgage brokers, psychologists and addiction counselors if their services can help resolve issues in your divorce.

Whatever problems are affecting the resolution of your divorce, we have the experience and understanding to work with you to arrive at solutions. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

What Our Clients Say
I highly recommend this business. Linda M.
You and your staff were so kind hearted and patient with me, every step, every part of the process. Eddie C.
Great service. I was referred by family and it was not a let down. Moises R.