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In Florida, grandparents have few rights in terms of their relationships with grandchildren. These rights tend to be reserved for emergencies or unique situations. As important as grandfathers and grandmothers may be to the lives of grandchildren, they may, under certain circumstances, have a legal basis to press for child custody or visitation rights. At Nardi & Nardi, P.A., our experience allows us to carefully review your situation and outline your available options. If you are a grandparent faced with an emergency or a pressing situation, our lawyers can help.

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If a child was born out of wedlock or a marriage has ended through divorce, and one of the parents has abandoned the child, the grandparents on the side of that parent may be able to step into the parent's place, to some extent, if it is in the child's best interest and ask the court to award them visitation rights. This is rare. Typically, such a situation only occurs when the grandparents have been very involved in the child's life. Our Orlando grandparents' rights attorneys can help.

Very often, the grandparents' rights cases we handle involve emergency situations. One or both of the parents are incarcerated, in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility or otherwise unable or unfit to raise the child. The grandparent can either file a petition pursuant to Florida Statute 751.03 or file a private dependency petition pursuant to Florida Statute 39 to obtain temporary custody of the grandchild. That temporary custody may evolve into long-term legal guardianship, depending on the situation. These are the same steps that we will take if the child's parents have committed abuse, abandonment or neglect.

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