Uncovering Hidden Assets

Orlando Lawyers Uncovering Hidden Assets

During a divorce, complete financial disclosure is required on the part of each spouse. Of course, that does not stop people from trying to hide assets. More often than not though, assets are more likely to be forgotten than hidden. In either case, an experienced lawyer has the tools necessary to obtain a complete picture of each spouse's financial situation.

At Nardi & Nardi, P.A., our lawyers offer personal attention in every case. We understand that every situation is unique, particularly when it comes to property division. We move quickly to uncover hidden or forgotten assets, because it is critical that we have a complete picture of each spouse's finances before we move forward with a legal strategy.

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Orange County Divorce Attorneys Who Go Beyond the Discovery Process

Discovery is the legal process through which one side can gather information from the other. More often than not, this is sufficient to get all of the financial information we need to move forward with the property division aspect of the divorce.

In some cases we need to go further. We may need to enlist a private investigator to help us uncover hidden assets. We may need to use the power of subpoena to get documents, perhaps from the other spouse's bank or another financial institution. Assets may be sold or moved, but that will not stop us from tracking them down.

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