Wage Garnishments & Lawsuits

If you owe someone money, one way they can try to obtain it is to file a lawsuit against you. You would receive notice of this, after the creditor has sent you letters and called you in an attempt to collect. Many people ignore a summons and hope the problem will go away. Contact the Orlando wage garnishment attorneys.

Default Judgment

If you are like many who do not show up for your court hearing, a default judgment may be entered against you. A judgment is a court's determination that you owe the debt and now action such as garnishment can be taken against you. The creditor takes the judgment to the county sheriff. If you have a bank account the creditor is aware of, they may be able to use the judgment to take funds from the account.


The sheriff may inform you of the judgment and offer you options. The judgment could be presented to your employer, who will then garnish a percentage of your wages. Aside from the loss of income, this could be embarrassing or harmful to your career. You may be able to promise payments in exchange for the sheriff refraining from involving your employer.

If you do attend the hearing in court, it may be possible to show the judge that there has been a mistake, and that the debt is not valid. Consult a bankruptcy attorney about your options.

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy protection is a practical solution to overwhelming debt, not a cause for embarrassment. The moment you declare bankruptcy, creditors must cease in their collection attempts and must communicate with you only through your lawyer. Let the law firm of Nardi & Nardi help you stop lawsuits, garnishments and collections calls by declaring bankruptcy.

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